Monday, October 19, 2009

Botanica is now in ORLANDO! (and still in Tampa as well) :)

Botanica Orlando is officially open and ready for business!! Even prior to our Grand Opening Event and the completion of our new studio, we've enter Orlando hitting the ground running! We're excited about meeting new clients and working with new vendors of all kinds!

In order to make a grand entrance, we invited Orlando's premier vendors and local venues to check out our new digs and we figured the best way to showcase our new studio and introduce Botanica to Orlando was none other than throwing a party! (of course) :)

Check out the photos below!!!

The ladies of Botanica! (From left to right) Brittany Myers (Orlando Event Account Coordinator), Fiona Prosser (Owner/Wife of Ian/Accountant) and Zoë Gallina (Tampa Event Account and Sales Coordinator)

A HUGE thanks to the wonderful Amy Pezzicara of PezzPhoto for photographing the event for us!

Organic Orlando Photos!

We've been slacking at Blogging recently, but with opening our new studio and our opening event, we got a little behind with the blog! So our apologies!

Below are some great pictures from Damon Tucci Studios from the Room Service Organic Orlando Event!

It was a fun event and a great first time experience for Botanica Orlando in the Orlando Market!