Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from your Friends at Botanica!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our Family, to yours!

XO - your friends at Botanica

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Fact Friday!! Part 2

We received so many great responses from our Fun Fact Friday post LAST Friday, we thought, why not do it again? :) For those of you just joining us, below are 8 fun and random facts about Botanica and the people behind the flowers.

1. Ian and Zoë are complete paper snobs when it comes to stationary and invitations. Our theory? If the paper is so thick it could physically harm someone, it's the correct paper weight. :)

2. We have one of our favorite designers from years past back in our studio! Amy Lewis started with Botanica back in 2004 and left us in April 2007 for the birth of her daughter, Libby. She's pregnant again with another little girl and we are soaking in every moment before she leaves us again this coming February!

3. When it comes to our organizational structure here at Botanica, it's the women that are in charge!! Between Jess, Zoe, Athena and Fiona - we keep our men in line.

4. We often give each other 'loving' nicknames, if you haven't been picked on at one point in your career at Botanica, something is wrong.  A couple include, M&M, FiFi and Peach.

5. Athena (one of our lead designers and Queen of Production Organization) has ZERO willpower when it comes to anything sweet. Whether it's chocolate, cake, candy - you name it, she'll eat it. We often joke about hiding anything people sometimes drop off at our studio because if you turn around Athena will have cleared the plate. :)

6. It's not even Halloween and we're already listening to Christmas music in the studio. (we are currently listening to it as we speak). It's our dear friend and FABULOUS wedding DJ and Band, Josh Walther and his band, Phase5, they recently released their Christmas CD and it's AMAZING! We suggest you purchase a copy.

7. From Ian, to any staff member - if we don't put our Christmas directions up immediately following Thanksgiving, it won't happen. Last year, I (Zoe) got our tree and added the lights and the star on top, and then never got a chance to decorate the rest of it. (something that to this day I still get made fun of for). Our designer Kyle, puts his decorations up as early as November 1st! I think this also attributes to the fact that every designer becomes a perfectionist when it comes to decorating, so enough time is needed in order to make sure it meets our personal approval.

8. One of our favorite things is beautiful flowers! Whether it's a single massive peony, or a fragrant garden rose, there is nothing more we love than a gorgeous flower! We'll have the designers come up to the front and say, "here, smell this!" or us in the front, will frequently come in the back and literally stop and smell the roses.

XO - your friends at Botanica!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flowers Come to Life

We always love sharing some beautiful photos from current and past events, but we thought we might share our events in a more life-like way. Our amazingly talented friends at Voila Cinematic, Alex and Jocelyn Karas, have been a part of some incredible events we've produced.

They have so ever kindly put together a Vimeo page for us, which is an online video sharing site. As a result we have over 11 (and counting) wedding highlight films from some of our favorite weddings. We hope you enjoy the highlight films - we enjoy watching them over and over again. Another reason why we tell every client, in addition to all other vendors, videography is one of the most important vendors you should also include in your wedding.

Videography is often disregarded as unimportant (not sure why), but we think it's definitely on the MUST HAVE list! We know photography is always a priority, but aside from the photos how else will you remember Grandma tearing up as she walks down the aisle, or more importantly, the vows that you and your husband shared!? These are the little memories that will fade as time passes on, and once you return from your honeymoon, you'll want anything that will help you remember one of the most days of your life!

Greg and Kelsey (Coming Soon) from Voila Cinematic on Vimeo.

Click HERE to view our page and the rest of our wedding films!

A wedding film is priceless. A regret 99% of Brides realize after the wedding is over. If you don't book one for your big day, all we're going to say is we told you so. ;) Make the investment, you'll be so glad you did!

XO- Zoë

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Fact Friday!!

It's Friday, so let's end the week with a fun post! Below are some fun, random facts about Botanica and our crew:

 1. In the winter months our studio is absolutely freezing inside! Because we have the flowers in our studio, we aren't able to turn on our heating. So all of us in the office, have space heaters at our feet, sometimes sport UGG boots, and even have to wear fingerless gloves! (which I am currently wearing as I type this post).

 2. Our goal is to have our flowers PERFECT! Completely open and in full bloom for the day of the event. This means in warmer months, actually placing the flowers outside in the heat (and in shade of course) to help open the flowers.

 3. Since we are a family business, our entire staff is like family. We laugh, we cry, we make fun of each other. If you were ever in the studio on a big production day, you'll hear loud music, a lot of laughing and joking at one another, and of course a lot of flower arranging!

 4. Almost our entire staff has an addiction to Diet Mountain Dew, at 3pm daily you'll hear the sound of people popping a can. We are currently trying to break the habit. I, was unfortunately the originator of the addiction.

 5. Every member of the Prosser family at one point in Botanica's existence has helped out or has been an employee. Being in business 22 years, it's a long list of names. (which includes, spouses, sons, daughters, parents and grandparents)

 6. We name our trucks - we have (2) trucks permanently and have developed a wonderful relationship with Arlene at the truck rental company that we bring in additional trucks for busy weekends! We have our 15ft. Box Truck that Ian named 'Milva', after his favorite rose. We also have our econovan that somehow got the name of 'Sista'. In a conversation where they are involved you would think we are actually talking about real people. ;)

 7. Our Administrative Assistant, Jessica Stephens is ALWAYS cold and keeps her space heater on 365 days a year.

 8. Our studio 99% of the time always smells amazing (obviously) but none of us can actually smell the flowers when we come in in the morning anymore. I guess that's how bakers feel when they have bread or a cake baking.

 9. We always joke around about buying Ian a fanny pack because he always loses his car keys, glasses, cell phone and wallet. If he did your wedding 10 years ago and you tell him your maiden name, wedding location and month you got married he can tell you every single floral detail about it, but he won't know where his cell phone is. lol.

 10. One of the perks of working here are when it's the holidays, we ALWAYS have the most amazing centerpieces on our tables. :)

 We hope you enjoyed these fun, random facts about us and our Floral Family. We'll work on posting them more often, to help give you a better insight into the people behind the flowers. :) Have a fabulous weekend! XO - Zoë

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Botanica is featured on Grace Ormonde's Blog!

We are thrilled to announce that yesterday we learned that we had the honor of being featured on Grace Ormonde of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine's blog! We were so excited to be a part of Jennifer and Kevin's big day, but always love working with a fabulous team of vendors.

Make sure to check out the feature! Click HERE to view it!

Congratulations to all of the other fabulous vendors involved and of course to the amazing Amy Pezzicara of Pezz Photo for taking the beautiful images!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Inspiration!

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it might be fun to make an inspiration board of some fun Halloween Decorations! Whether it's a close party for friends or even a wedding, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to decorate for.

We hope you enjoy this fun board! Click HERE to check it out!


Monday, October 10, 2011

A Week in Review!

Last week Ian and I had the opportunity to head to NY! While in the city we visited the New York Gift Market, where we purchased some fabulous new containers and candlesticks to increase our ever growing inventory. While also there, we had the opportunity to explore the flower district, say hello to some of our favorite wholesalers and of course just take in all of the beautiful flowers available. (and of course check out a couple broadway shows in between) ;)

A fun fact - larger cities like NY, etc. have the flower district available, where designers can literally walk down the street and select and purchase floral for their event that week. In Florida? We order and purchase everything via phone and email with our wholesalers. We actually receive all of our product via Fed Ex! Yep, that's right, in the mail! Since we don't have the opportunity to walk in and literally pick everything out, we're required to actually plan FURTHER in advance. For a wedding or event that takes place on a Saturday, our flowers arrive on a Tuesday/Wednesday. We have to have them arrive early since they are mailed, and require typically 24 hours to be processed and rehydrate from their big trip in preparation for production the following day. As a result, flower orders need to be placed NO LATER than a full 1-2 weeks before the date of their arrival!

So to all planners and clients out there, this is the exact reason why on our contract we require your proposal to be finalized NO LESS than 3 weeks before the date of your event. Delaying your final confirmation can risk product availability or worse, even further issues. So it's very important regardless of whether we're your florist or someone else is, that you take note and realize the importance of the contract/proposal final approval date!

But enough of the serious stuff, below are some pretty pictures we took while enjoying the flower district. :)

Enjoy! XO-Zoe

Monday, October 3, 2011

Flowers for your do!

Whether you're wearing a veil or not, flowers are always a beautiful addition to your gorgeous wedding day do! Whether you select a simple white or off white flower, or even add in a pop of color - it's the perfect way to add some natural elements into your wedding day ensemble.

If you're a traditional bride and select a veil to wear, we love having our brides do a small costume change during cocktail hour, by taking off their veil and adding in a fun flower to change their look.

We all know there are thousands of gorgeous flowers, but not all varieties make for great hair accessories. It's important to select varieties that will hold up well while you dance until the wee hours of the morning.

We suggest orchids, which come in so many fabulous varieties and colors, small spray roses that you can cluster and easily add into any hairdo, and lastly, gardenias. You can of course wear several other varieties, but these were just our few favorites and the ones we find hold up the best.

So when you're shopping for the perfect wedding day accessories and can't find the perfect broach or headpiece to complete your look, we suggest turning to your florist for a gorgeous natural accessory! :)


Pictures from Style Me Pretty and