Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Fact Friday!! Part 2

We received so many great responses from our Fun Fact Friday post LAST Friday, we thought, why not do it again? :) For those of you just joining us, below are 8 fun and random facts about Botanica and the people behind the flowers.

1. Ian and Zoë are complete paper snobs when it comes to stationary and invitations. Our theory? If the paper is so thick it could physically harm someone, it's the correct paper weight. :)

2. We have one of our favorite designers from years past back in our studio! Amy Lewis started with Botanica back in 2004 and left us in April 2007 for the birth of her daughter, Libby. She's pregnant again with another little girl and we are soaking in every moment before she leaves us again this coming February!

3. When it comes to our organizational structure here at Botanica, it's the women that are in charge!! Between Jess, Zoe, Athena and Fiona - we keep our men in line.

4. We often give each other 'loving' nicknames, if you haven't been picked on at one point in your career at Botanica, something is wrong.  A couple include, M&M, FiFi and Peach.

5. Athena (one of our lead designers and Queen of Production Organization) has ZERO willpower when it comes to anything sweet. Whether it's chocolate, cake, candy - you name it, she'll eat it. We often joke about hiding anything people sometimes drop off at our studio because if you turn around Athena will have cleared the plate. :)

6. It's not even Halloween and we're already listening to Christmas music in the studio. (we are currently listening to it as we speak). It's our dear friend and FABULOUS wedding DJ and Band, Josh Walther and his band, Phase5, they recently released their Christmas CD and it's AMAZING! We suggest you purchase a copy.

7. From Ian, to any staff member - if we don't put our Christmas directions up immediately following Thanksgiving, it won't happen. Last year, I (Zoe) got our tree and added the lights and the star on top, and then never got a chance to decorate the rest of it. (something that to this day I still get made fun of for). Our designer Kyle, puts his decorations up as early as November 1st! I think this also attributes to the fact that every designer becomes a perfectionist when it comes to decorating, so enough time is needed in order to make sure it meets our personal approval.

8. One of our favorite things is beautiful flowers! Whether it's a single massive peony, or a fragrant garden rose, there is nothing more we love than a gorgeous flower! We'll have the designers come up to the front and say, "here, smell this!" or us in the front, will frequently come in the back and literally stop and smell the roses.

XO - your friends at Botanica!

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