Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flowers Come to Life

We always love sharing some beautiful photos from current and past events, but we thought we might share our events in a more life-like way. Our amazingly talented friends at Voila Cinematic, Alex and Jocelyn Karas, have been a part of some incredible events we've produced.

They have so ever kindly put together a Vimeo page for us, which is an online video sharing site. As a result we have over 11 (and counting) wedding highlight films from some of our favorite weddings. We hope you enjoy the highlight films - we enjoy watching them over and over again. Another reason why we tell every client, in addition to all other vendors, videography is one of the most important vendors you should also include in your wedding.

Videography is often disregarded as unimportant (not sure why), but we think it's definitely on the MUST HAVE list! We know photography is always a priority, but aside from the photos how else will you remember Grandma tearing up as she walks down the aisle, or more importantly, the vows that you and your husband shared!? These are the little memories that will fade as time passes on, and once you return from your honeymoon, you'll want anything that will help you remember one of the most days of your life!

Greg and Kelsey (Coming Soon) from Voila Cinematic on Vimeo.

Click HERE to view our page and the rest of our wedding films!

A wedding film is priceless. A regret 99% of Brides realize after the wedding is over. If you don't book one for your big day, all we're going to say is we told you so. ;) Make the investment, you'll be so glad you did!

XO- Zoë

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