Monday, October 10, 2011

A Week in Review!

Last week Ian and I had the opportunity to head to NY! While in the city we visited the New York Gift Market, where we purchased some fabulous new containers and candlesticks to increase our ever growing inventory. While also there, we had the opportunity to explore the flower district, say hello to some of our favorite wholesalers and of course just take in all of the beautiful flowers available. (and of course check out a couple broadway shows in between) ;)

A fun fact - larger cities like NY, etc. have the flower district available, where designers can literally walk down the street and select and purchase floral for their event that week. In Florida? We order and purchase everything via phone and email with our wholesalers. We actually receive all of our product via Fed Ex! Yep, that's right, in the mail! Since we don't have the opportunity to walk in and literally pick everything out, we're required to actually plan FURTHER in advance. For a wedding or event that takes place on a Saturday, our flowers arrive on a Tuesday/Wednesday. We have to have them arrive early since they are mailed, and require typically 24 hours to be processed and rehydrate from their big trip in preparation for production the following day. As a result, flower orders need to be placed NO LATER than a full 1-2 weeks before the date of their arrival!

So to all planners and clients out there, this is the exact reason why on our contract we require your proposal to be finalized NO LESS than 3 weeks before the date of your event. Delaying your final confirmation can risk product availability or worse, even further issues. So it's very important regardless of whether we're your florist or someone else is, that you take note and realize the importance of the contract/proposal final approval date!

But enough of the serious stuff, below are some pretty pictures we took while enjoying the flower district. :)

Enjoy! XO-Zoe

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