Monday, October 3, 2011

Flowers for your do!

Whether you're wearing a veil or not, flowers are always a beautiful addition to your gorgeous wedding day do! Whether you select a simple white or off white flower, or even add in a pop of color - it's the perfect way to add some natural elements into your wedding day ensemble.

If you're a traditional bride and select a veil to wear, we love having our brides do a small costume change during cocktail hour, by taking off their veil and adding in a fun flower to change their look.

We all know there are thousands of gorgeous flowers, but not all varieties make for great hair accessories. It's important to select varieties that will hold up well while you dance until the wee hours of the morning.

We suggest orchids, which come in so many fabulous varieties and colors, small spray roses that you can cluster and easily add into any hairdo, and lastly, gardenias. You can of course wear several other varieties, but these were just our few favorites and the ones we find hold up the best.

So when you're shopping for the perfect wedding day accessories and can't find the perfect broach or headpiece to complete your look, we suggest turning to your florist for a gorgeous natural accessory! :)


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