Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

We wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season! Whether you're lighting the Menorah or counting down the days til Santa arrives, we hope you enjoy the time with your family and loved ones. 

We will also be taking time to spend with our families and loved ones and will be closed, December 23rd starting at 1pm and will not reopen our doors until Wednesday, December 28th at 10am. Please feel free to leave a message or email and we will return it upon our arrival.

And of course, a VERY... 

From our Botanica Family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Inspiration

With Christmas right around the corner, we can hardly wait! As we count down the days, we thought we'd share some Christmas inspiration to get you in the mood.

We hope you enjoy!

Kudos to Jess of Botanica for creating this inspiration for us!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's coming...

We’re gearing up for a new year and a new Botanica. Don’t worry, it’s the same dynamic team but with some new twists designed to surprise, delight, and simply WOW!

Below are three ways in which Brides can WOW their guests at various price points.

$50 and under:

Personalized cocktail napkins! A personal obsession of mine. :) It's a small cost ranging from $16-29 per 100 napkins, but a small detail that will leave your guests thinking that you've simply thought of everything. Whether you incorporate a design on the napkin used throughout all of your paper materials, or even just your new monogram. The rule is typically four napkins per person, however even just a couple hundred to initially wow your guests is perfect, with the balanced just used from your venue.
$100 and under:

Hand fans. In Florida, this is a MUST for any outdoor ceremony and SUCH a great price. For as little as $1 and under depending on the selected quantity, you can cool your guests off, while also adding yet another layer of detail to your day. The fans are available in a variety of styles and colors. We love the look of having the fans completely open on each chair or even every other chair to really add some color to your ceremony chairs.

$200 and under:

Valet turndown service. What exactly is this? It's a way to let your guests know that you have literally thought of everything, and that even though the wedding is over, you wanted to make sure they still knew how important it was that they were there to share this day with you. Enter, the valet turn down service. Whether it's a chocolate, or personalized bottles of water, or just a sweet note thanking them for attending, this is the perfect way to end their evening. And a surprise for for guests that will certainly not go unnoticed. It's a cost that will certainly range in price, but with 100 guests, on average 50 cars, something that can certainly be done for $200 or less. 

We hope you enjoy these ideas - Happy detailing! ;) xoxo- Zoë

Photo credits:
Cocktail Napkins,  Hand Fans, Valet turn down mirror hangers 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Just wait...

Patience is a virtue, right? We’re busy bees here at Botanica putting the finishing touches on our fresh brand and we can hardly stand the wait to share with you! However, we think it will be worth the wait :).

In addition to moving into our new space in 2012, we're giving ourselves a facelift. (not literally) We feel refreshing Botanica every couple years or so keeps us up to date which not only benefits ourselves, but our clients. And to us, is such an incredibly important part of our business. 

We're focusing on continually educating ourselves in order to better serve our clients and provide them unique designs and services through an experience unlike any other. Taking inspiration from the newest trends and adding our own Botanica twist. We're improving the way we do things, adding to our inventory and kickin' it up a notch! 

We hope you enjoy this journey with us, as we take Botanica and the way we do things to the next level. Stay tuned! 

xoxo- Zoë

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Color + Design Trend for 2012

As promised, we'd love to share with you again this week an additional hot and new color and design trend for 2012.

Today we share the Con Brio color story. This color collection displays animation, vigor and liveliness.

What does this color scheme consist of? Analogous burgundy, deep coral, orange curry, fuchsia pink, loganberry, violet, deep coal, deep brown and champagne silver. I thought it might be fun to share this color palette slightly different from the presentation the other day and show the colors through fashion. :)

This creates a luscious and luxe feeling, neighboring colors that provide a rich and romantic feel. They are bold, daring and audacious. It is an energetic palette that exudes strong emotions in the reds and purples, mixed with playful and spirited pinks and corals.

Fun fact: This is very flattering to many skin tones - so perfect when thinking about selecting bridesmaids dresses that compliment a variety of skin types.

When considering this color and design palette, keep in mind it will create a more formal or garden like ambiance.

We hope you enjoy and have a fantastic Friday!

xo- Zoë

Picture source, through Pinterest.
Text source, through the Society of America Florists, developed by, Frank and Margaret Hofland of Accent Decor, Kim Morrill or Morrill Support, and Gretchen Sell of Design Master.