Friday, December 2, 2011

New Color + Design Trend for 2012

As promised, we'd love to share with you again this week an additional hot and new color and design trend for 2012.

Today we share the Con Brio color story. This color collection displays animation, vigor and liveliness.

What does this color scheme consist of? Analogous burgundy, deep coral, orange curry, fuchsia pink, loganberry, violet, deep coal, deep brown and champagne silver. I thought it might be fun to share this color palette slightly different from the presentation the other day and show the colors through fashion. :)

This creates a luscious and luxe feeling, neighboring colors that provide a rich and romantic feel. They are bold, daring and audacious. It is an energetic palette that exudes strong emotions in the reds and purples, mixed with playful and spirited pinks and corals.

Fun fact: This is very flattering to many skin tones - so perfect when thinking about selecting bridesmaids dresses that compliment a variety of skin types.

When considering this color and design palette, keep in mind it will create a more formal or garden like ambiance.

We hope you enjoy and have a fantastic Friday!

xo- Zoë

Picture source, through Pinterest.
Text source, through the Society of America Florists, developed by, Frank and Margaret Hofland of Accent Decor, Kim Morrill or Morrill Support, and Gretchen Sell of Design Master.

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