Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something New.

Weddings are ever changing - trends, designs, styles, budgets! We’re excited to share “something new” that challenges our imaginations to create inspiration and beauty for everyone. Get ready for our big reveal in February...

Today we share a new color and design trend for 2012. 

This trend? Deliberate Abandon: 'Structured recklessness'. What exactly does this mean? They are Polychromatic, high chroma colors such as; teal, citron, raspberry, tiger lily, delphinium, purple california poppy and Driftwood. This color palate plays off of neutrals and wood tones, or grayed out backdrops creating a tension in color and mood.

This can be described as comfort for multiple generations. Items plucked from several decades, including mid-century modern, 60s and 70s mixed with treasures from your Grandmother's time. It's creating your story, juxtaposing elements to create an eclectic mix of design and style. Think Anthropologie.

It's creating interest in your event with color and texture that gives a more gathered object and in-uniformed, yet coordinating look, that is more casual in appearance.

The rest of the week we'll share more new colors and design trends, so stay tuned!


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