Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Change is a Comin'!

Yes, we are going to be those obnoxious people that tell you some new and exciting things are coming down the pipe, BUT at this current moment, aren't able to share what.

But we can tell you, planners and future clients will be thrilled to see Botanica as a whole more streamlined and efficient with an updated look. We're currently working on website and blog facelifts. Most recently, we've started the launch of our new proposal layout, something we just rolled out to our first 2 planners today. We have new products, services and oh so much more! Upon viewing our updates, we'd LOVE any feedback!

Some other fun things we'll share soon, but in the meantime we're thrilled and couldn't be any more excited to share along the way! We hope you'll join us on this new journey!


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