Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We're Moving!!!

We made the announcement yesterday via our facebook/twitter, but we just wanted to share the excitement of our move a little more in detail.

Our new location will be almost triple the size of our current studio. We are so thrilled as we've been bursting at the seams these past couple of years and have multiple off-site storage units as a result. Since we constantly add to our inventory, we're so happy to have the opportunity to have everything organized and displayed in one place.

December 1st, we start working on the renovations of the building, painting the outside and getting the inside painted and up to BOT standards and organization! We hope to be fully moved into the place the beginning of February.

We'll have multiple client meeting offices and a large new design room (a space bigger than our entire current building) and of course plenty of room for storage and working offices.

We can't wait to share the progress as the days and months pass by. Stay tuned for updates!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Your friends at Botanica

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