Friday, November 18, 2011

Things We're Thankful For.

With Thanksgiving literally right around the corner, we thought we'd use today to share some things the people behind the flowers are thankful for here at Botanica. A mixture of fun and heartfelt thank yous and everything in between, we hope you enjoy!

1. First and foremost, our family, our Botanica family. From our designers to the lovely ladies that run the 'front of the house', to our set up crew and everyone in between. We couldn't do anything without each and every one of you and couldn't be more thankful to have you in our lives.

2. Great Brides and clients that allow us the blessing to the job that we love so much. We are thankful to have the opportunity to do something every day that we are truly passionate about.

3. Our amazing industry talents and teammates. We feel that no event can be complete without the amazing talented professionals that make it work. We feel so privileged to work with so many fabulous people and we thank you for the talent that you bring to the industry. And of course for being our favorite teammates on the big day!

4. When we're involved with weddings, we love the fact that we get to be a part of one of the most memorable and important days in a family's life.

5. Happy clients. There is nothing that makes us more happy than a client that is thrilled with the products and services we provide. We love the emails and thank you notes that we receive that let us know we've done a job well done. Fun Fact - we always read and share these sentiments with our entire staff.

6. Wedding and Event planners. We cannot stress enough the importance of an event planner on the day of your event. Having someone there to coordinate and organize the day is not a need, but a MUST. On our end, a planner that is organized and communicates set up and breakdown times, is something we need every week and can't express enough our love of timelines and final layouts! :)

7. Photographs and Wedding Film Highlight videos. Just as much as client's love to relive every moment of their big day, so do we! We love sharing these items, not only with our staff that were involved in the event, but also with everyone else. There is nothing better than posting beautiful photos and films to share with our past, present and future clients and friends!

8. Technology. What on earth would we do without it.  Enough said.

9.  FLOWERS! Not sure why we didn't mention this sooner, but we are grateful for anything and everything pertaining to flowers. Their fragrance, the way they open to make an arrangement look perfect, their color, texture and variety. We are so lucky to work with such a beautiful and amazing product of nature.

10. For being blessed. We have so many more reasons to be thankful but above all, we are blessed in so many ways - we are so passionate about what we do and the people we provide our products and services for, we cannot thank the Lord above enough for giving us this daily opportunity.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!


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