Friday, September 30, 2011

Events Without Flowers

Even though we are an event decor company that specializes in flowers, we also produce events and weddings on a regular basis that actually don't have floral present at all. We love the creative challenge of producing designs for an event that don't require it. The purpose of this post is to encourage you to contact your event designer (or us) whether you require floral or not for your event. We're designers, and love to design with anything.

Recently, we produced a sample for a bride for her January wedding, including all birch and woodland elements, adding touches of snow, pine cones, mason jars with votives, etc. We are so excited for her big day and LOVE an event that is outside of the box!

We love events that require more of a table scape of gathered objects - we've incorporated beach elements, rocks, grasses, lanterns, broaches, vegetables and beyond!

(this event has touches of floral but can easily be removed)

Below are some non-floral inspired designs that we found online and love!

So always remember, regardless of whether you love or hate floral, have an allergy to it, or just want to do something different, talk with a professional designer as they can recommend some fun and unique options! :)

Happy Friday!

JS and ZPG

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