Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Structures, Chuppahs, Archways, Oh My!

Regardless of your religion, nowadays Brides and Grooms are looking outside of the church to exchange their vows as husband and wife. Whether it's a hotel ballroom, beautiful garden or on the beach, it's important to 'set the scene' by creating a beautiful marriage site.

One of the most popular ways of doing so, is with the addition of a structure or archway. It serves not only as a beautiful backdrop and 'Kodak moment' - but can also have a wonderful functional quality. Perhaps it's shields your eyes from the blinding sun, or creates a cool canopy for your groom in a tux. There is nothing more beautiful about a gorgeous muslin fabric covered or flower adorned structure.

The one and only down-side to having a structure is that it's unfortunately not an item that can be reused. (i.e. your florist cannot and does not have time to break it down and reassemble it inside of your reception room.) Nine times out of ten, your structure is something that is built on site - the process of putting it together alone can take several people one hour. So you have to remember, by the time you are done all of your fabulous photos in front of this beautiful structure (let's say 20-30 minutes) You're only left with 30 minutes for it to be disassembled, moved and reassembled inside prior to your guests making their way into the reception room.

If it's important to get double usage out of your ceremony decor, we suggest instead of your structure or in addition to it at the back of the aisle, to have (2) 'Altar' arrangements on pedestals that after your pictures are done, are a quick and easy repurpose for your florist. Both will create a beautiful look and a gorgeous backdrop to your I Dos. The only decision needing to be made is whether or not you're wanting to repurpose the ceremony items in your reception room, which will ultimately help make your decision for you.


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