Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What to Bring to a Floral Appointment

We might have done this blog post in the past, however, we thought it might be helpful again to pass on this information on what to bring to a floral appointment.

It's important to arrive organized and the reason being is, this is a vendor meeting where your florist normally doesn't have set packages, because it's our goal to create something customized that's personally suited for your and your new spouse to be!

Prior to even booking your appointment you should already know/have booked the following things:

1. Ceremony and Reception Locations and start times
2. Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids dresses selected
3. Approximate Guest Count
4. Number of Bridal Attendants
5. Budget

If some of the items above are still missing items - we suggest waiting to book your floral appointment until after all missing pieces are complete. Your designer needs to know these items in order to make your meeting a productive one. One thing we want to touch base on is the budget aspect. You should know that whether it's your florist or any vendor for that matter, going into the meeting and providing your budget is incredibly helpful. Knowing your budget will help your vendor advise you on the best ways to spend it. It will also help ensure everyone is on the same page as what your expectations are and how they relate and can work with the budget you have available.

Now on to what to bring! Bringing the following items below will help give your designer a better sense of your style, flowers that you love and flowers that you hate - and will help them creatively offer some ideas and suggestions that will (most importantly) suit you and reflect your style and personality:

1. A picture or good description of your dress
2. A swatch of your Bridesmaids dress color and a picture if possible (Fuchsia, to you might be raspberry or hot pink to me)
3. Any inspirational photos - so prior to meeting go and buy any newly engaged girl's favorite thing, wedding magazines! Dog ear or rip out the pages and write on the page what you love about the picture you pulled!

Now, go get organized! ;)

XOXO - Zoë

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