Monday, September 12, 2011

The GRAND Exit

Brides and Grooms always love finding new and creative ways to have guests send them off on their new journey as husband and wife. After a fabulous celebration they want the magic to continue, nothing is worse than an anticlimactic end to such an amazing evening.

Below are some of our favorite ideas that make for great photo opps!

1. Rose petals! They look great in photos, they can't harm anyone and there is nothing your guests love more than throwing something at you! ;) The main thing to remember is to let your venue know about this grand exit to ensure they won't charge you an additional clean up fee.

2. Oversized Glitter - It looks AMAZING in photos and your guests will be hysterically laughing at one another after you've left and everyone is head to toe covered in glitter! The downside, is of course the clean up!

3. Wands with ribbon or pom poms - we've seen both, even wands with bells on them! It looks wonderful as well in photos and regardless of how many males guests you'll have, I promise you'll see them continue playing with the wands on the way to their car. There are so many wonderful places to find ways to DYI making them or even purchasing them on etsy.

4. Glow wands - Remember your younger days when you went to the circus and they always sold those light up glow wands? Yes? Yep, your guests do too! This is a fun idea that guests always have a blast with - and the light looks incredible as you as your new partner run through to your getaway car.

You'll notice we've left sparklers off the list. Yep, we've done that for a reason. I know every girl envisions a sparkler grand exit - but as a person that has been burned numerous times, we STRONGLY advise against it. Put it this way, fire and intoxicated people just honestly don't mix. It's certainly a hazard, people and clothing can get burned. BUT if you're determined to do them, don't say we didn't warn you! :) But you should know the ideas above do provide a similar look without the damage. :)

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