Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ian Prosser elected to sit on council for SAF!

Congratulations to our very own Ian Prosser for being elected by his floral peers to sit on the board of the retail council for the Society of American Florists.

You might ask yourself, what exactly does a member of the board of the retail council do? "SAF Councils represent the three main segments of membership: Retailers, Growers and Wholesalers. Council members, who are leaders in their respective fields, meet twice each year and keep SAF apprised of the latest developments in the floriculture industry. The Councils make recommendations on how SAF should respond to industry needs and give feedback on SAF’s strategic direction. Input from these important advisory groups is forwarded to the appropriate Committees for further expansion." -

THEN FROM THERE .... "SAF Committees help develop and implement all of the programs and services SAF offers to members and the floriculture industry. Organized into nine functional areas and representing all segments of the industry, these Committees provide vital insight, direction and leadership to SAF’s programs, products, and services. Committees help SAF monitor and evaluate industry trends, assist in the creation of new products and services, determine government relations strategies and create professional development and industry recognition programs." -

So as you can see, it's not JUST about putting flowers in a vase. :) The floral industry and the florists that are members of the various organizations, are committed to more than just designing arrangements and events. It's about being an active member in your event community and making a difference within our industry!

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