Monday, March 26, 2012

The Skinny on Blooming Branches

If you love flowering branches just as much as we do, this is definitely a blog post to check out. Below are descriptions on the varieties of flowering branches as well as their availability.

CHERRY BLOSSOM BRANCHES are beautiful and are in season, January-April. They range from 2-5ft. in length.

QUINCE BRANCHES are a more structured approach to the blooming branches, and are in season, January-February. They are the perfect addition to any arrangement or simply just on their own.

FORSYTHIA is a beautiful flowering branch, only available in yellow and in February-March. These branches in their brilliant color can create such a stunning focal point. These branches are also available in a variety of lengths.

There are several more varieties available, however we've just listed our favorites above. So the rule to follow if you are a lover of the flowering branches, it's best to have an event January-April in order to have them available. Nowadays with technology their availability can span a little longer than the months above however can't always be guaranteed. In the fall months, we have the availability of bittersweet and other fun berry varieties that are a fall look on the flowering branch.

A fun fact to know is that when we use flowering branches for events, we actually get them into the studio a full 2 WEEKS prior to the event day. Flower branches require a lot of time to open as well as require a specific type of processing and condition to get them in perfect form.

Xo - Zoë

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