Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous Flower Friday!

This isn't a post meant to 'toot our own horn', but regardless of how simple or over the top an arrangement might be, there is nothing we love more than a gorgeous flower arrangement. Whether it's the combination of the colors or the floral varieties, we love creating something that makes you want to stand back, take it in and say "man, that's just gorgeous!"

The picture below, for us, does just that. It's a simple floral wreath that was placed on the front door of a client's home for their daughter's wedding day. Our favorite part? The combination of the floral varieties and the colors. The amazing spring flowers, coupled with the perfect spring color palate; you really can't go wrong!

Fun Fact? Because of the Florida heat, placing flowers in the sun is a result of perfect timing. This was also the door where the bride and her bridal party processed from, and of course was in direct sunlight. In order to make sure the flowers didn't get completely fried by the time of the big moment, this was placed 45 minutes before the ceremony started to ensure it's beauty. :)

Image Courtesy of the wonderful Ryan Joseph

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