Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flower Blues?

Many Brides come to us with hopes of having their floral decor in blue tones. There are not too many naturally blue flowers out there and spraying and dying flowers is always an avoidable option. Here are a few inspirational pictures that can give you an idea of how to incorporate blue into your floral decor.

Blue Berries:
Not only does it give you a darker jewel toned blue, but it adds texture and interest.

Grape Hyacinths:
If their vibrant color doesn't win you over, their smell will! These plump blue flowers are perfect in the springtime and look great alone or even as an accent flower.

Blue Iris:

These delicate blooms are a good addition to many other floral varieties. Their small pop of yellow in the center is beautiful and gives way to other coordinating yellow options.

Images courtesy of: Martha Stewart Weddings

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Matthew Wengerd said...

a) I really dig these! The blueberries, especially!

b) Did you schedule this post? You're moving today!