Monday, February 13, 2012

The Guy's Guide to Buying Valentine's Day Flowers

Probably a post we should have done last week, but better late than never! :)

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, we thought it might be fun to give a little advice on buying flowers for loved ones for the big day!

As everyone knows red roses are always the popular choice. It's easy to pick up the phone and say, "I'd like a dozen roses". But why not make it a little more unique to your Valentine, showing them that you didn't just pick up the phone and make a call (or have your secretary do it). :)

First and foremost, if you're a guy won't budge on ordering red roses, at least keep the items below in mind - these are our Dos and Don'ts of red roses:

1. DO NOT get baby's breath! Something you don't know, but if you're Valentine works in a small office, baby's breath actually smells horrible. Ask your florist what other options they have available.

2. Red Roses always come with greenery - make sure you request NO LEATHER LEAF. It's a cheap flower and a lot of florists use it, but in our opinion, the 80s called, and they want their greenery back! Instead, other better options are seeded eucalyptus (my favorite), lemon leaf or Italian ruscus.

3. Don't just stick with red! Roses come in a variety of AMAZING colors, pick a unique one or perhaps her favorite color.

For the guy wanting something a little more personal - below are some additional suggestions most florists should have available.

1. A seasonal mix arrangement. You can have your florist keep it in the pink/red/purple Valentine's Day color palate if you prefer, but a seasonal mixed arrangement is a beautiful alternative that will certainly brighten anyone's day - (same goes with above on the DO NOT use flowers and greenery list, a couple others we say DO NOT include are: Carnations and mums).

These are some of our favorite flowers and any combination there of which would be perfect for your 'seasonal' mix - tulips, garden roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas, lisianthus, unique colored roses, anemones and our big favorite - Peonies! (they are out of season, but some florists might have them available).

2. A single variety of flowers. Similar to the easy dozen roses phone call, but just something slightly different. There is nothing we love more than a monobotanical arrangement - some of our favorites are an arrangement of all tulips, sunflowers or even a bright and colorful mix of gerbera daisies) or any of the mentioned flowers with a base of hydrangea is always beautiful. Want bonus points? Have them make the arrangement in her favorite color. :)

Gerbera Daisies


Garden Rose





3. An orchid plant. Great brownie points because it's something completely unique and different from a standard arrangement, but the bonus? It's lasts MUCH longer. There are several amazing varieties and colors available.

4. If you REALLY want to wow her?! If you're married, try and find out the flowers that were used in her wedding bouquet (9 times out of 10, they were favorite flower) and she'll not only love the arrangement, but more so love the fact that you knew they were in the bouquet. (If you don't want to ask, take your wedding picture with her bouquet in it to the florist and they can help you). If not all flowers are available, just use as many as they might have.

And last but certainly not least, for the grocery store flower shopper.

1. The same can apply above to you as well. But right now the stores are full of amazing tulips, grab a couple of bunches and your Valentine will love putting them together in a vase because they are really easy to work with.

2. They also can have orchid plants along with other varieties of planted flowers.

Yes, everyone sends flowers on Valentine's day, but it doesn't matter how much you spend, there is nothing a girl loves more than getting something special delivered to her at work. :) Happy Shopping and Happy Valentine's Day!!

xo- Zoë

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