Monday, April 30, 2012

April Wedding Sneak Peeks!

April has been a fabulous month here at Botanica filled with amazing clients, fabulous planners, and beautiful events! Rather than feature one wedding today, I thought we'd share a little snippet from a few of this month's wonderful events! This is a combination of professional and iPhone pictures (so disregard the poor quality of our iPhone pics!) ;)

Tent at the Boca Pass Club in Boca Grande, FL

Church in Avon Park, FL

The Clearwater Hyatt
Photo courtesy of Djamel Photography

The Tampa Museum of Art
Photo courtesy of Jerry McGaghey Photography

Tent at Private Residence

Tent at The Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande
The Beach Club at the Ritz Carlton Sarasota

We hope you enjoyed this little sampling - with more pictures and more professional pics to come soon! Thank you to all of the fabulous couples, planners and clients that allowed us to be involved in their big day! 

Xo - Zoë


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Heather said...

You guys did a wedding in Avon Park!? That's where I live!! lol Looks gorgeous!