Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flowers Suspended From the Ceiling

There is NOTHING we love more than flowers or foliage suspended from the ceiling. Our good friend and photographer, Amy Pezzicara from Pezz Photo, shared a blog post from Ruffled Blog. Amazing post and I couldn't help but share some of our favorite images!

Flowers suspended from the ceiling provides the most unique focal point in any space. Below is a picture of a wedding we did last year, where we suspended floral chandeliers and covered the frame of the tent in smilax foliages.

The first picture is an idea of what a frame tent would look like before, and then the second picture is the design I mentioned we created above. Isn't it just amazing how flowers and their design can completely transform a space?

{Real Botanica wedding pictured above}

Before you decide you want flowers hanging over each of your guest tables (and if you do, please feel free to call us) ;) there are some important things to consider:

1. If you are in a Ballroom or similar event space - are there rigging points? What are rigging points you might ask? They are the support system that allows you the ability to suspend items, such as a chandelier, floral or lighting from a ceiling. Sometimes they need to be added and will be an additional cost, or some locations unfortunately don't have the capability of having them or even adding them.

2. These designs can be rather pricey. Why? Because of the amount of product and labor involved in the creation of these items. Sometimes it might be best to just hang one impact point over the center of the dance floor for maximum effect.

3. These items are the easiest to construct when you have a tent. It still requires a lot of work, but tents make it the easiest for installation as if there aren't rigging points, we can always suspend items from the frame of the tent.

We hope you enjoy the images and the link to the blog post. Amy, thanks so much for sharing and inspiring our blog post today!!

XO - Zoë

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