Monday, January 9, 2012

What We've Been Up to!

My apologies on my blogging hiatus! The end of the year brought a fabulous holiday season, mixed with a fun vacation abroad, which led to my blogging MIA.

There is nothing more fabulous than being in Europe. No offense America, but the fashion overseas just doesn't even compare to ours here, we were in hog heaven! It was amazing to see the color trends popular in the UK. We hope to share them soon.

In the meantime, we hope everyone had a fabulous New Year! We ended our 2011 with a gorgeous wedding at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort. It was a sophisticated, eclectic affair. The tables had collections in mercury glass and vintage glass. We even organized mixed china - each table had a variety of four different yet coordinating china patterns. We can't wait to share pictures soon!

And to more exciting things... our new studio! We have a crew still working away like little worker bees, helping us get our studio in perfect condition. This week they are finishing painting all areas of the new studio, along with adding new flooring in the client offices, as well as our new working offices in the back. We can HARDLY WAIT to move in! Below is a snippet of the new studio, a picture of our new shelving that just arrived for our hard goods - glassware, vases, containers, etc. will be arranged in a library-like fashion - to have complete organization, allowing us to fully see our inventory. We're waiting to share the new pictures once we're in a prettier state. ;)

We couldn't be more thrilled, we're almost tripling our size at the new building and can't wait for everyone to see it! Stay tuned as we continue progress in the next coming weeks along with our big move in, which will be right around the corner!

xo- Zoë


chicsweets said...

So exciting Zoe! Keep the pictures comin'! Congrats on everything!

ivy said...

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