Friday, January 20, 2012

Zoe's Favorite Reveal

Yesterday we featured Ian's favorite reveal. I thought it would be fun to share mine. And as I too have countless favorite reveals, in honor of my 5 year wedding anniversary today, I thought it might be fun to share my own. :)

I think my wedding planning experience was just as most brides, but the funny thing was, when it came to the decor and design of the wedding, I did what any smart daughter of an amazing designer would do, and left it completely up to my Dad. (for those of who don't know, Ian is my father - yeah, I know, I'm really lucky). ;)

I gave him very little direction. We picked a color scheme, I said no carnations or baby's breath, that I wanted the ceremony to look like it was a different location from the reception, that I didn't want anything TOO over the top, give him literally, maybe one picture and the rest is history. My one Bridezilla moment and I don't even think it could be categorized as one, involved my wedding bouquet. I was SUPER picky about it not being too big. So much so, two weeks before, my Dad had me come to the studio on a Saturday to see a bouquet with similar product (peonies and roses) so he could get an exact size of what I was envisioning. :) Mine was peonies, roses and lily of the valley. Man, it was beautiful! Other than that, I didn't know what flowers were being used everywhere, or what linens, I didn't see a sample, I didn't have a clue about what my wedding was actually going to look like.

The weekend was amazing, the wedding day, far more than I could have ever imagined. Seeing the ceremony for the first time, O-M-G - just beautiful! The ceremony decor, made me want to just pull up a table and have dinner in the center of the aisle. lol. The reception - just spectacular. The way he transformed the Yacht Club, it was simply perfect. The layout he designed when we got married was one that was never done before, and it's funny when we have Brides come in getting married at the same location and using the same layout - it makes me smile.

But my Dad did what he does with every Bride. He exceeded my expectations and created the most spectacular, unbelievable setting for our perfect day!

In addition to the amazing crew at Botanica (that at one point made my dad leave the wedding and told him it was time to take off his florist hat and put on his Dad hat) and of course my Dad. I was so lucky to have SO many amazing vendors involved that created this perfect day! And without writing a lengthy list, you know who you are, and to this day, you will always have a special place in my heart for what you created and did to make my husband and I's day so perfect. Thank you.

Sorry for this novel length blog post and my overuse of the word amazing and perfect - but I just had to share. :) Five years later, my heart is so full of unforgettable memories. And as current brides, the best piece of advice I can say, is pick amazing vendors. THEY will be the people that can make your day so unforgettable. Wedding vendors are almost like unsung heroes. They work so hard to make sure everything is perfect. And sometimes it's not, but great vendors will make sure it is perfect regardless of the blood, sweat and tears required to create that perfection. They care about you and your happiness and being a part of your most important today.

 Oh and one more thing! You MUST hire a videographer!! I can still remember the day, and I love looking at my pictures, but reliving the day through my wedding film is honestly, just priceless. No, I don't watch it every day, but I certainly do every year (and about 50 times right after I received it). :)

Thank you for allowing me to share and I hope to the Bride who's wedding day is almost here, that you day is as unforgettable as mine was.

XO - Zoë

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