Monday, January 30, 2012

What We've Been Up To!

Hi Friends,

Sorry about our MIA Blogging, we've been rather busy around here! :) This past week, we have officially moved out of our Henderson location and into our new Cypress studio and we couldn't be happier! The amount of space we now have is incredible! We love how organized our new place is starting to become and we can't wait for our friends and clients, past and present to see it.

Our client offices are now separate from Jess, Fiona and Zoe's working offices. Below is a sneak peek of Jess' office as hers is the first to be completely finished. :) Yes, you should know, Ian's talents far surpass the wedding day and the design bench, he's a rather talented interior designer as well. :)

We'll show a couple more sneak peeks as we get finished- but to see the entire new space, you have to come in person. :)

Xo- Zoë

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